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May 25, 2008


It was in the year 1999 I joined in an International Evangelistic ministry named “Jesus Calls” as a Video Editor. During those days, the Lord has put immense thought about the perishing souls, who would be burning eternally, in the lake of fire. I had the same feeling similar to Jeremiah that my bones became stand still and dysfunctional. While I was singing a song “Must I go an empty handed?” the Spirit of God revealed to me that my hands were empty without even a single soul. I felt ashamed and broke myself, and cried for three hours.
Years passed by. But the fire and passion has kept on burning in my heart. The red flame never quenched to any lower degree. It is God who lit the spark, so who can quench the fire?  With the fire burning I joined the Angel TV and continued working there as a Video Editor. My responsibility elevated from Video Editor to as a Media Manager. I felt God’s hand was with me in all my moves and whatever I touched the Lord turned out to be victorious. All the glory is to God alone.
In 2004, on one Sunday afternoon, while I was sleeping, I felt something super-natural taking place in me but I could not understand what was it. I was so insensitive to realize that, that was God’s appointed time to bring a turning point in my life. My hands and legs became numb. In that appointed time God showed me that I was in a place where green pastures spread over a breath. In a far place, I saw a magnificent white marble palace with all its splendor and glory. I thought that this may be the parliament of our country or the American White House. But I was not satisfied comparing that palace with these buildings because the palace I saw in my vision was incomparable with any of the palaces in the world. When I looked at the pinnacle of the palace, I saw a dish antenna. My curiosity elevated much higher than the antenna, and I saw the banyan trees in the background and the ocean, like a big blue carpet, spreading over to the horizons.   
The splendorous scene made me to shout JESUS!!! And in the very next moment, I came to my conscious and felt severe headache for fifteen minutes. Hundreds and thousands of questions sprang like a river in my mind, when I got up from the bed. But I was keeping on pondering over the experience and praying to the Lord for His guidance.  In the meantime, the telecast of Angel TV was inaugurated successfully in December 2005 and God has used me there as an instrument in all my endeavors.
In June 2006, Bro. Mani Iyer visited me first time in my office at Angel TV. Looking at me he said, “Listen to what God is telling about you. You will be here for another six months and then, you will have a new TV channel in your hands.  God is going to do this for you, and you need to be faithful to Him”. Hearing his word as prophesy, I laughed within me, just like Sarah. But just like Mary, I questioned within that, “How will this happen to me?” I could not believe whatever he said, because I never ever thought of leaving Angel TV. That was the time I was feeling homely in the ministry and the channel was riding successfully with the full cooperation of the viewers. But sooner I understood that my thoughts are not His thought and my ways are not His ways..
In a few months time, the founder of Angel TV, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj announced that the channel is going to be closed soon. Hearing this, the entire spiritual fraternity of Tamil Nadu stood shocked and I was no exception. Accordingly the channel was closed, but the founder promised me that he would keep me with him in his ministry, since I was faithful to him. But I did not have the clear guidance from the Lord whether I should be with him in his ministry for I was in a state of confusion and I could not decide anything.
It was on December 29, 2006 at 2:15 a.m. I was in half sleep. I felt the presence of the Lord hauled inside my room. I realized the emptiness in me, in the presence of the Most High God. I wept and wept, and shouted like Isaish, “Oh, I’m perished”, with a trembling heart, I confessed all my sins and felt my heart was lightened as I was turning towards God. In that vision I saw a white screen before my eyes, and an inscription “Healing Time!” was flashed. Along with that inscription, I saw some more programs listed. I could hear God speaking to me: “This is how the programs should be in the channel, which you are going to start”. I said, “Lord, I cannot do this, for I am not worthy to do this type of ministry. May be, people like Bro. Dhinakaran or Bro. Mohan. C. Lazarus or Bro. Jawahar Samuel can do this type of ministry but I can work under them”. But the Lord said, “No, I want you to do it”. To that I replied, “Lord I am a small boy”. But the Lord persuaded me, “Don’t call yourself as small boy; I can use a small David to kill giant Goliath. Just confess that you can do it”. With great hesitant I asked, “Lord, I need millions of rupees to run a channel and where would I go for it?” With an authoritative voice, the Lord replied, “I will give you the money, and I want you to confess that you will do it.”
I would like to call this experience as Mount Horeb argument, because the Almighty God, who overcame Moses in the burning bush, had also over came in that room. That very moment I confessed that I would do. Immediately, a strong hand engulfed my neck and hastened to strangle. At that moment I shouted “the Blood of Jesus”. Suddenly I felt I was released from the iron fisted strangles and the presence of God hauled over me. Soon I took my mobile phone and typed a short message to founder of the Angel TV, asking him to pray for me. Then I had a sound sleep.
Only when the Angel TV was closed, I understood the prophecy of God through Bro Mani Iyer,   My heart was filled with thanks giving and praises to the Lord for the wonderful way He had led me. On February 12, 2007 during a fasting prayer, God was talking to us about His sufferings on the Cross. When I worshipped the Lord with a contrite and broken heart, I said, “Lord, did you not suffer all these sufferings for me?” God strengthened me saying, “If I have given myself to you, will I not supply all your needs also?” From that moment onwards I had completely given up my unbelief. I trusted the Lord that He would go before me to meet all the financial needs of this ministry.
When I was contemplating on what would be the objective and name of the channel, the Lord had clearly led me to Matthew 28 :18 – 20 emphasizing that, this channel should proclaim the Gospel of Salvation throughout the world, so this has to be named as Salvation TV. As soon as I decided the name, the presence of the Lord filled me more and more.
This Mission did not come out of my own will but from heaven, anchored in the will of God. Uphold us in your prayers. God has given me a committed team of young boys, who share the same vision and burden along with me to fulfill His perfect will. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to share this vision with you. I need your prayers and financial support.

Launching Milestones
August 27, 2007 – the First launching of Christian Songs through IPTV
December 1, 2007 – Launching of telecasting the Salvation TV in Vellore District                                                                                                       
                                     (Total population 42 Lakhs)
March 14, 2008 – First live audio feed in Vellore
April 1, 2008 – Audio and Video Vellore live

Promotional Events
February 2, 2008 – First Thanksgiving Service in Vellore
April 19, 2008 – Family gathering in Vellore